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  • Smart Tips for an Eye-Safe Home
    44% of all eye injuries happen in the home.The good news is that up to 90% of eye injuries are preventable if we take simple precautionary measures like wearing protective Read more
  • Makeup Eye Safety Tips
    Back in the old days, makeup was full of ingredients like lead, arsenic, and mercury.Thankfully we don’t have to worry whether or not we’re putting actual poison on our faces Read more
  • What Are the Degrees of Visual Impairment?
    Vision problems can’t all be corrected with glasses or contact lenses.When even the strongest corrective lenses aren’t enough to produce clear vision, that’s visual impairment. Even for those of us Read more
  • Mummy Hot Dog Recipe
    This is one of those super easy, kid-friendly recipes that is guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s faces whether you serve them as a cute but creepy appetizer at Read more
  • The Relationship Between Eyes and Sleep
    Studies have shown that sleep deprivation hits the body and mind a lot like alcohol.That isn’t great, but where do our eyes fit into the equation? When we get enough Read more
  • Prevent and Minimize Digital Eye Strain
    Digital screens have become an increasingly prominent part of our lives in recent decades.Whether you work from home on your computer, work from an office on your computer, or simply Read more
  • Ground Turkey Stuffed Peppers
    Healthy gluten-free turkey stuffed peppers are a wonderful addition to your dinner routine. prep time 20 MINUTEScook time 30 MINUTEStotal time 50 MINUTES Ingredients6 large bell peppers, any color2 cups wild rice, cooked1 lb. 93% Read more
  • How Does Animal Eyesight Work?
    We wouldn’t have gone into the optometry field if we weren’t fascinated by eyes, and there are some incredible ones in nature.There is such incredible variation in how eyes work Read more
  • Keeping Our Eyes Healthy as We Age
    Among the many changes our bodies undergo as we get older are the changes to our eyesight.Early diagnosis is critical for stopping many sight-threatening conditions in their tracks, which is Read more
  • The Importance of Eye Protection for Athletes
    An estimated 90% of eye injuries are preventable if the right eye protection is worn.That means that 27,000 out of 30,000 sports-related eye injuries in America could be avoided by Read more
  • What Are the Most Eye-Healthy Foods?
    We’ve all heard that eating carrots will give us amazing eyesight.Fun fact: that idea is actually leftover World War II propaganda. The British wanted to keep their new radar technology Read more
  • Marinated Cucumber-And-Tomato Salad
    Ingredients3 large cucumbers, peeled and cut into 1/4-in. thick slices3 ripe tomatoes, cut into wedges  1 Vidalia or sweet onion, sliced into rings½ cup white vinegar½ cup water⅓ cup olive Read more
  • Eye Exams: Vital to Your Child’s Education
    A staple of every school nurse’s office is the big E eye chart.That chart, the formal name of which is the Snellen chart (after the 19th-century Dutch eye doctor Herman Read more
  • Eyesight Is More Than 20/20 Vision
    We tend to think of 20/20 vision being a synonym for perfect eyesight, but that isn’t quite true.All it means when someone has 20/20 vision is that they have normal Read more
  • What Is Pink Eye?
    How much do you know about conjunctivitis (pink eye)?The main symptoms of pink eye are the redness that gives it its common name, itchiness, and either thick or watery discharge. Read more