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EyePromise Supplements

EyePromise is a science-based, doctor-recommended line of eye health vitamins manufactured in the USA from the highest-quality ingredients.  EyePromise products are manufactured with non-synthetic, all-natural zeaxanthin and can be taken along with a multivitamin. EyePromise supplements are backed by an unconditional 60-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee.


The best eye vitamin for those concerned with, at risk for, or with early signs of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).


An eye vitamin that contains the powerful antioxidant responsible for protecting crisp, clear central vision needed for reading, seeing faces, and driving.


Zeaxanthin + Lutein
An eye vitamin filled with the 2 antioxidants that make up your macular pigment, the protective “internal sunglasses” that block harmful light from damaging your eyes.

EZ Tears

EZ Tears
An eye vitamin designed to relieve occasional dry eye in 30 days or less.


An eye vitamin that protects blood vessel integrity in the eyes without affecting blood glucose levels.

Vizual Edge

Vizual Edge Chewable
An eye vitamin designed to protect and enhance vision in a citrus-flavored chewable tablet.

Screen Shield

Screen Shield Teen 
Protect children’s eyes from the strained or tired feeling due to prolonged screen time. This chewable eye vitamin is:

  • Non-synthetic, with all-natural zeaxanthin
  • Can be taken alongside a multivitamin
  • Doctor recommended

Why Do We Prescribe EyePromise?

We chose to partner with EyePromise because their products are proven to work. Every EyePromise vitamin uses the highest-quality ingredients and is supported by clinical research to be safe and effective.

Eye Promise