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6 Simple Steps To Protect Your Eyesight

As we age, our eyesight naturally begins to decline. In fact, 1 in every 6 adults over the age of 65 will experience some form of vision loss. That’s why it’s important to take steps to protect your eyesight now and for years to come. The team at Lentz Eye Care has compiled 6 simple steps you can follow to keep your eyes healthy and preserve your vision for years to come.

1. Eat Healthy Foods & Exercise Regularly - Eating a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits, dark green vegetables, and other nutrient-rich foods is essential for keeping your eyes healthy. Exercise is also important for maintaining eye health as it can reduce the risk of chronic diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes, which can cause numerous problems if left untreated including eye problems.

2. Schedule Regular Eye Exams - Even if you don’t wear glasses or contact lenses, it’s important to have regular comprehensive eye exams with Lentz Eye Care. This ensures that any eye conditions are caught early on so they can be treated properly before they become serious or irreversible issues.

3. Be On The Watch For Changes In Your Vision - You should always be on the lookout for any changes in your vision such as blurriness, floaters in your field of vision, or difficulty seeing in dim light. Noticing these changes early on can help you get proper treatment quickly before they become more serious issues down the line.

4. Protect Your Eyes From UV Rays - Everyone – even people without any predispositions for eye disease – need protection from harmful UV rays from the sun. This doesn’t mean just grabbing a cheap pair of sunglasses off the rack; make sure that the sunglasses you purchase actually provide adequate UV protection by checking their label or asking an optometrist like those at Lentz Eye Care about their recommendation for effective eyewear protection against UV rays.  

5. Wear Protective Eyewear When Needed - Many activities like sports, woodworking, construction work, etc., require wearing protective eyewear or goggles to prevent injuries that could damage not just your eyes but also impair your ability to see clearly afterwards which could lead to permanent damage over time. Make sure you wear appropriate protective eyewear whenever needed!   

6. Quit Smoking - Smoking has been directly linked with increased risk of developing AMD (age-related macular degeneration) as well as a host of other sight-threatening eye diseases so if you smoke it’s best to quit sooner rather than later!

Taking care of your eyes isn't something you should put off until later; it's something that needs attention now so make sure you're following these 6 simple steps to protect your eyesight today! If you have any questions about how best to take care of your eyes or would like more information about our services at Lentz Eye Care please don't hesitate to contact us! We look forward to hearing from you soon!