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Everything You Need to Know About Heterochromia

Have you ever noticed someone with two different colored eyes and wondered what that was all about? Well, you’re not alone! This condition is called heterochromia and it is relatively rare. In this blog post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about heterochromia including the different forms, what causes it, and some interesting folklore associated with this condition. Read on to learn more!

The Forms of Heterochromia
Heterochromia can present itself in a few different ways. The most common type is called sectoral heterochromia and it appears as a patch of color in one section of the iris. Another type is called central heterochromia which looks like a ring of color around the pupil. The final type is called complete heterochromia and, as you might have guessed, it results in each eye being a different color entirely.

What Causes Heterochromia?
There are a few different things that can cause a person to develop heterochromia. One cause is a genetic mutation that occurs during fetal development. This type of heterochromia is usually present at birth but it can also develop later in life. Heterochromia can also be caused by injury or inflammation of the iris. This can happen due to trauma, certain medications, or even exposure to ultraviolet light. In some cases, the cause of heterochromia is unknown.

Folklore of Asymmetrical Eye Color
Throughout history, people with heterochromia have been regarded as mystical or otherworldly beings. In ancient Greece, for example, people with blue and green eyes were thought to have the ability to see into the future. In medieval Europe, people with blue eyes were believed to be able to ward off evil spirits. And in parts of Africa and Asia, people with two different colored eyes are thought to be shape-shifters or witches. Today, we know that these beliefs are unfounded but they make for interesting stories nonetheless!

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Heterochromia is a relatively rare condition that results in a person having two different colored eyes. There are several different types of heterochromia and several different causes as well. Throughout history, people with this condition have been regarded as mystical beings with special powers but we now know that this isn’t true! If you have any concerns about your eye health, call Lentz Eye Care today, and as always, make sure to keep up on your annual eye exams!