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The Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep for Your Overall Eye Health

Everyone knows the importance of getting enough sleep, but it can be hard to find the time in our busy schedules. However, making sure you get proper rest is essential for your overall health as well as your eye health. Sleep deprivation can weaken our immune systems, make us more prone to memory loss, and increase our blood pressure. Our eyes are no different—we need at least five hours of sleep each night for them to replenish themselves and start the day off right. Let’s explore why that is and how we can prioritize sleep for better eye health.

Blue Light From Screens Can Mess Up Our Internal Clocks
One of the biggest reasons why we don’t get enough quality sleep is due to blue light from screens such as smartphones, tablets, TV screens and computer monitors. Blue light messes with our internal clocks by tricking our bodies into thinking it’s still daytime outside when it’s not. This makes it difficult for us to fall asleep even when we have the time because our body isn’t ready yet! To avoid this issue, try putting away all screens an hour before bedtime so that your body can naturally recognize that it's time to wind down for the night.

Give Your Eyes a Break From Contact Lenses During Sleep
Another great way to ensure good eye health is give them a break from contact lenses during sleep. Contact lenses are a big help in providing sharp vision while also looking stylish; however, they can be uncomfortable after wearing them all day long. Taking contact lenses out at night gives your eyes some much-needed relief from being under constant use throughout the day and reduces the risk of eye infections from bacteria entering through contact lenses during sleep.  

Make Eye Exams a Priority
Finally, be sure to make regular eye exams a priority in order to ensure your vision remains strong and healthy for years to come. Many people don’t realize how important these checkups are until their vision has already begun to suffer due to undiagnosed conditions or diseases that weren't caught soon enough. Making regular visits with an optometrist will help you avoid any potential vision issues before they become too severe and keep your eyes in tip-top shape!

Getting enough quality sleep every night is essential not only for our overall health but also for maintaining good eye health—especially if you wear contact lenses or spend a lot of time looking at screens throughout the day. Avoiding blue light an hour before bedtime, taking out contact lenses during sleep, and making annual visits with an optometrist will ensure that both your body and eyes stay healthy for many years! So remember: shut off those screens and hit the pillow! Your future self will thank you later!