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A Bite-sized Snack: Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

Looking for a bite-sized snack that packs a punch? Bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers are the perfect option! These poppers combine the savory flavor of bacon with the spicy kick of jalapenos, making them irresistible to even the pickiest of eaters. Let's take a look at what it takes to make this delicious snack.

Ingredients and Directions
These poppers only require four simple ingredients—cream cheese, shredded sharp cheddar cheese, jalapeños, and bacon—and are easy to prepare. First, preheat your oven to 400 degrees and line a baking sheet with aluminum foil. Then, mix together the cream cheese and Cheddar cheese in a bowl until evenly blended. Fill each jalapeño half with the cheese mixture and then put them back together. Wrap each stuffed pepper with a slice of bacon and arrange all of them on the prepared baking sheet. Finally, bake in the preheated oven until the bacon is crispy—about 15 minutes.

Serving Options
These poppers can be served as an appetizer or as part of a meal; they’re great either way! If you’re serving them as an appetizer, try pairing them with some ranch dressing as a dipping sauce for extra flavor. For meals, these poppers go great with tacos or sandwiches if you’re looking for something more substantial.

Bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers are an easy-to-make snack that will please any crowd! With only four simple ingredients and minimal prep time required, these poppers make the perfect addition to any gathering or party—or just for yourself after a long day! So why wait? Give these delicious poppers a try today!