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Protecting Our Eyes from Germs

We all have habits that we may not even be aware of, like rubbing our eyes. While it may seem harmless at first, there are some potential risks associated with this behavior. The eye is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body when it comes to germs and bacteria. Let's take a look at how germs can infiltrate the body via the eyes and what preventative measures you can take.

The Eye’s Defenses - Eyelashes
Our eyes are protected from foreign objects by a number of different mechanisms. One of these is the presence of eyelashes which help to trap debris before it gets too close to our eyes. This debris can contain bacteria and other organisms that could otherwise cause harm if they enter our eyes. Even so, when we rub our eyes, we risk pushing aside these protective eyelashes and allowing more germs in.

Helping Protect Our Eyes from Germs
There are steps we can take to protect ourselves from the risk of infection through our eyes. Firstly, washing your hands regularly with soap and water is an important step in preventing germs from entering your body through your hands and then into your eyes. You should also avoid touching your face or rubbing your eyes throughout the day unless absolutely necessary as this will reduce your risk of infection. Finally, if you wear contact lenses, make sure to follow all instructions on cleaning them properly as this will help prevent any germs from entering your eye via that route as well.

Contact Us at Lentz Eye Care if You Have Eye Infection Concerns
If you do experience any pain or redness in or around your eye which may indicate an infection, please reach out to us here at Lentz Eye Care right away! We will provide an accurate diagnosis so that you can receive the treatment you need promptly in order to avoid further complications down the line.

Taking proper precautions such as washing your hands regularly and avoiding unnecessary contact with facial areas such as your eyes can help protect against potential infections caused by germs entering our bodies via these entry points. If you experience any discomfort or redness around your eye area, don't hesitate to contact Lentz Eye Care for a professional evaluation! With just a few simple steps per day, you can keep yourself safe from potentially harmful germs sneaking their way into your body through the delicate tissues surrounding our precious eyes!