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The Purpose of Blinking - Why It's Important

It may seem like a mundane thing, but blinking is actually vitally important to our eye health. We blink between 10 and 20 times per minute, adding up to 10 percent of our waking life! We might not realize it, but our eyes need this time for cleaning and moisturizing. Let’s take a closer look at what blinking does for us and why it’s so important.

Blinking Refreshes And Rejuvenates Our Eyesight
Blinking is also necessary for the preservation of our eyesight. Each time we blink, the cornea (the transparent dome-shaped surface covering the front part of the eye) takes in oxygen from the air, allowing us to see clearly. Without enough oxygen in the cornea, our vision starts to become blurred. That’s why it’s important to blink regularly throughout the day--it helps keep your vision fresh and clear!

Blinking Prevents Dry Eye Syndrome And Other Eye Health Issues
When we don't blink enough, or when we're too focused on something that doesn't require much eye movement (like staring at a computer screen), our eyes don't get enough moisture and can start to dry out. This can lead to uncomfortable symptoms like redness, itchiness, burning sensations, light sensitivity, and more serious conditions such as dry eye syndrome or even infection if left untreated. Blinking helps keep your eyes healthy by replenishing moisture levels and warding off these issues before they become a problem.

It may not seem like much but blinking plays an incredibly important role in maintaining good eye health and preserving our vision over time. Regularly taking breaks throughout the day to rest your eyes by blinking regularly can help prevent dryness or irritation from setting in--and keep your vision sharp so you can enjoy all that life has to offer! So next time you catch yourself forgetting to blink every few seconds while you work or watch TV, remember how essential this simple habit is for your eye health!