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Tanning Beds and Eye Health: What You Need to Know

Tanning beds are a popular way for people to get that summer glow without having to brave the sun’s harmful UV rays. Unfortunately, many tanning bed users don’t realize that they still can be damaging to their eyes. In fact, indoor tanning is even worse for eye health than sunbathing! Read on to learn more about why tanning beds aren't great for your eyes, and what you can do to protect them while getting a healthy-looking tan.

The Danger of High UV Exposure
Tanning beds expose our eyes to a much higher level of UV radiation than the sun. Our eyes are incredibly sensitive and delicate organs, so when exposed to such strong UV rays, it can cause serious damage. This includes cataracts (clouding of the eye lens), macular degeneration (damage to central vision) and photokeratitis (a painful condition similar to sunburn of the cornea).

Closing Your Eyes Isn’t Enough Protection
Many people mistakenly believe that closing their eyes while in a tanning bed will protect them from any harm. However, this isn’t true. The lids of our eyes are very thin and still allow some of the strong UV rays through. Plus, even if you do manage to keep your eyes closed completely during your tanning session, there is still risk involved with being in an enclosed space where other parts of your body are exposed to such high levels of radiation.

A Tan Isn’t as Important as Eye Health
Your eye health should always take precedence over how good you look with a tan. If you want an even glow without risking long-term damage or discomfort from UV exposure, there are plenty of safer alternatives available today. Sunless tanners contain no harmful chemicals and offer quick results without any negative side effects. You can also apply makeup strategically around your face and neck area for more contrast against your skin tone—which makes it look like you have a natural glow!

Tanning beds may seem like an easy way to get that perfect summer color but they pose serious risks when it comes to eye health—even if you keep your eyes closed! Exposed skin is not the only thing affected by those strong levels of UV radiation; our eyes need protection too! Consider switching up your routine by trying out one of the safer alternatives mentioned above instead—your vision will thank you later!