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How to Look Fabulous and Protect Your Eyes With Makeup

From eyeliner to eyeshadow, makeup can really make your eyes pop! But if used improperly, it can have harmful effects on your eyes. So, how do you keep your peepers safe while still looking fabulous? We’ve compiled some cosmetic safety tips so you can look beautiful AND protect your eyes.

Watch Out For Allergic Reactions
Before applying any type of beauty product near or around your eyes, make sure that the ingredients are not irritating or allergenic. It’s important to check the list of ingredients thoroughly and be aware of any products that may cause allergic reactions. Additionally, avoid sharing eye makeup with friends as this increases the chance of infection and allergic reaction.

Prevent Eye Infection
Unfortunately, infection is a common problem associated with eye makeup. To avoid this issue, always wash your hands before applying cosmetics and use clean applicators every time you apply makeup. Additionally, purchase cosmetic products from reputable companies because their quality control will be much higher than those found in dollar stores or discount outlets. Finally, replace eye makeup every three months as bacteria can accumulate over time in products that are not used frequently enough.

Makeup is a great way to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes without having to resort to more invasive methods like surgery or permanent tattoos. However, it’s important to remember that improper use could lead to serious health issues like infection and allergic reactions. By following these simple tips for cosmetic safety, you can look fabulous and protect your eyes at the same time!

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