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Replace Your Contact Lens Case Every 3 Months: Here's Why

Contact lenses provide us with convenient vision correction, allowing us to see the world clearly. But if you don’t care for your contact lens case properly, it can cause a serious risk to your eye health. Knowing when to replace your contact lens case is important for avoiding irritation and infection. So when was the last time you replaced yours?

Why You Should Replace Your Case Every Three Months
No matter how diligent you are about cleaning it, there’s no denying that contact lens cases accumulate bacteria over time. It’s possible that this bacteria can be transferred to your eyes every time you insert or remove your lenses—particularly if you don’t wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling them. This can lead to serious complications like bacterial keratitis, an infection of the cornea that can lead to permanent visual impairment or even blindness. It may also cause discomfort in the form of stinging and burning sensations in the eye due to inflammation and irritation. To avoid these risks, it’s recommended that you replace your contact lens case at least every three months—more often if it becomes damaged or warped in any way.

How To Care For Your Contact Lens Case
In between replacements, make sure to clean and store your contact lenses properly after each use. Before handling them, always wash and dry your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water. Then empty out any used solution from the case and rinse with fresh solution before storing the lenses inside. Make sure never to top off old solution with new solution as this can introduce bacteria into the mix—always discard used solution before adding fresh solution instead! Lastly, let air-dry overnight before using again; never use a towel or tissue paper as this could contaminate or scratch the lens surface. Following these steps will help ensure optimal vision health when using contact lenses!  

Caring for our contact lenses doesn't have to be complicated—in fact, just following a few simple steps is all we need for healthy vision! Replacing our contact lens cases at least every three months is essential for avoiding irritation and infection caused by bacteria buildup in the case itself over time; so ask yourself now—when did I last replace my contact lens case? Regularly replacing our cases will go a long way towards keeping our eyes healthy while enjoying improved vision thanks to our contacts!