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How to Make a Simple Chopped Tomato Salsa

Whether you are an experienced salsa maker or a first-timer, the key to making a great salsa is in the freshness of the ingredients. Making your own salsa from scratch is simple and just requires a few basic ingredients. Let’s break down how to make a simple tomato salsa.

For this recipe, you will need 2 pounds of plum tomatoes. This variety of tomato has fewer seeds than other types, which gives the salsa a smoother texture. You will also need one large onion (white or yellow), 1-2 red or yellow bell peppers, and 1-2 jalapeno peppers (the more peppers you use, the spicier it will be). Adding salt and chopped fresh cilantro to taste can also boost flavor if desired.

Once these ingredients are gathered, you are ready to begin! Start by cutting up all of your vegetables into small cubes or slices - depending on your preference - and place them in a large bowl. Once all of your vegetables have been cut and added to the bowl, add one tablespoon of lime juice and mix everything together thoroughly. If desired, you may add salt and chopped cilantro for extra flavor as well.

At this point, congratulations! Your homemade chopped tomato salsa is complete! Serve with chips or top off tacos for a delicious meal that won’t disappoint. Keep any unused portion refrigerated for up to three days for later enjoyment.

Making your own homemade salsa is simple and requires very few ingredients - most of which can be found at any local grocery store. The key is using fresh vegetables that give it that delicious crunchy texture with every bite! In only minutes, you can create something from scratch that rivals what comes from the jarred stuff—and without all those preservatives either! With this recipe in hand, why not give homemade salsa a try today? It’s sure to exceed your expectations!