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Why Blinking is so Important for our Eye Health

We don't often pay attention to our blinking habits throughout the day. But whether we realize it or not, blinking is vitally important to our eye health. The average adult blinks between 10 and 20 times per minute. Even though a blink only takes one tenth of a second, all those blinks add up to about 10 percent of our waking life! So, what’s so important about blinking that we need to miss out on 10 percent of everything that’s happening right in front of us? Let's take a look at why blinking plays such an important role in our eye health.

Blinking Nourishes And Lubricates Our Eyes
First off, blinking is essential for replenishing the tear film that coats your eyes. Every time you blink, you spread tears across your eyes and eyelids which helps nourish your eyes and keeps them moist and lubricated. This prevents them from drying out and becoming irritated or inflamed. In addition, blinking also helps remove dust particles or other small debris from your eyes that could cause irritation or infection if left unchecked.

Blinking Protects Our Vision
Another benefit of regular blinking is that it helps protect our vision by providing a barrier against bright light sources such as the sun or computer screens. When exposed to bright light sources, we instinctively start blinking more frequently in an effort to shield our eyes from potential damage caused by these sources. Blinking also aids in focusing by giving your eye muscles time to rest between bouts of intense visual activity, allowing them to remain relaxed and better able to focus on objects at varying distances.  

Blinking Clears Your Vision
Finally, regular blinking helps clear away any blurriness or distortions caused by dryness or fatigue while also aiding in vision clarity by helping refocus the lens of the eye after staring at something for an extended period of time. By keeping your eyes healthy and functioning properly with regular blinks throughout the day, you can enjoy clearer vision and improved overall eye health for many years to come!

Blinking isn't something we actively think about during our everyday lives, but it should be! Regularly taking breaks throughout the day to blink more often can help keep your vision sharp and reduce eyestrain caused by long periods of focusing on one task at a time without rest. So next time you're feeling tired after hours of staring at a computer screen – remember why it's so important to take regular breaks throughout the day – give those eyeballs some much-needed TLC! With just a few extra blinks each day we can ensure that our vision remains clear and healthy for years to come!