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Convincing Your Child to Wear Their Glasses

Glasses can be a great asset for children who need vision correction. While glasses are often seen as cool and attractive, many kids don’t want to wear them because they fear being made fun of. If your child is reluctant to wear glasses, here are some tips to help convince them why it’s important and how they can look good while wearing them.

Start Slow
For a child who isn’t willing to wear their glasses full-time from the start, a gradual ramp-up might be a good idea. Have your child wear the glasses for short periods of time at home first before taking them out in public - this will help your child get used to wearing the glasses and build up their confidence with them.

Role Models
A great way to combat your child’s worries that they’ll be made fun of for wearing glasses is to remind them that some pretty awesome people wear glasses too! Talk about celebrities and other famous people who rock their frames, or show pictures of kids wearing theirs proudly. It helps when kids realize that having glasses doesn't have to be an awkward experience - it can actually be quite cool!

Let Them Choose Their Glasses
Another way you can make sure your child loves their new look is by letting them choose their own frames! When choosing frames, remind your child that comfort and fit should come first - if they don’t like how the frames look or feel on their face, then no amount of convincing will work! Once they find a pair of comfortable, well-fitting glasses, then style should come into play. Letting your child pick out their own frames will give them more ownership over the process and increase their likelihood of actually wanting to wear them.  
 Perhaps the most important thing to do when convincing your child that glasses are cool is to remain firm in your expectations. Explain why it's important for them to keep their glasses on (i.e., better vision) and gently enforce rules around when and where they must wear their eyeglasses (i.e., during school hours). Additionally, another group of adults who can help your child grow to love wearing glasses is the team at Lentz Eye Care! Our experienced optometrists provide personalized care for each individual patient in order to ensure comprehensive vision needs are met with quality products tailored specifically for each person's needs. With Lentz Eye Care on board, you can rest assured knowing that you've got an experienced team helping you every step of the way!