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Makeup Tips to Protect Your Eyes

Eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow… Makeup can really make eyes pop!

Despite the striking effect of beauty products, it’s important to remember that putting anything that close to your eye can potentially be harmful. We’ve compiled some cosmetic safety tips so you can look beautiful AND protect your eyes.

Watch Out For Allergic Reactions

For those who are prone to allergic reactions to certain cosmetics, it’s important to introduce one new eye makeup product at a time to your routine. If you don’t have a reaction, go ahead and add another.

Be sure to remember makeup ingredients you’re allergic to and always check labels when picking out a new product. Allergic reactions can cause redness, irritation, swelling or infection in your eyes. So, do your best to avoid them!

Avoid Scratching Your Eye

One of the most serious eye issues that makeup application can cause is a corneal abrasion. This often happens when using a safety pin or other sharp object to separate the eyelashes. It also occurs when attempting to apply makeup in moving vehicles. We all know accidents happen, so it’s best to be as cautious as possible.

Prevent Eye Infection

Unfortunately, infection is a common problem associated with eye makeup. But not to worry, here are some ways you can avoid infection and still rock that smokey eye!

• Wash your hands. You never want to introduce all that bacteria on your hands to your eyes. Always wash your hands before applying makeup.
• Don’t use expired makeup. Bacteria thrive in dark, moist places, just like your mascara tube and makeup sponges. The more you use your makeup, the more bacteria you introduce. Be sure to replace makeup every three months.
• Don’t share. When you use somebody else’s makeup, you’re introducing different bacteria to your eyes that may be harmless to your friend, but damaging to you. When it comes to makeup, sharing is not caring!
• Get new makeup after an infection. Makeup can be contaminated with the bacteria causing your eye infection. To avoid any risk of reinfection, throw out your old stuff and use it as an excuse to get some new makeup!

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