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Replace Your Contact Lens Case

When did you last replace your contact lens case? Has it been so long you don’t remember?

We know the value of getting full use from household items. But whether it’s a towel, toothbrush or toaster—eventually, things need to be replaced. For your vision health, replacing your contact lens case at least every three months is important for avoiding irritation and infection.

You Change The Solution, But Bacteria Remains

You should already be changing your contact solution every day. But over time, bacteria from your fingers and the surrounding environment build up in the case. And because most people keep their contact lens case in the bathroom, there’s a high chance of contamination

Know When To Replace, And How to Sanitize

We recommend getting a new contact lens case at least every three months. In the meantime, follow these simple tips to keep it as bacteria free as possible:

  • Always wash hands with soap and water before handling contacts.
  • Every day, empty contact solution out of the case, wash with solution and clean fingers.
  • Let the case air dry, upside down on a paper towel, before putting caps back on.
  • Boil the case in water for 5 minutes, then rinse with solution to sanitize between replacements.

Also, avoid letting the tip of the solution bottle touch the case, as it can carry bacteria and contaminants.

Clean Contacts Preserve Good Vision

Eyes are especially sensitive to bacterial infection, and dirty contacts not only leave you with itching, irritated eyes, but they can also pose a threat to your long-term vision health.